North Highlands Market Report

Located in Sacramento County, North Highlands is a residential community known for its diverse blend of homes and residents. Originally designed as a suburb for airmen stationed at the McClellan Air Force Base, it's now home to a vibrant mix of families, singles, and retirees. With a wide array of housing styles ranging from mid-century single-family homes to modern townhouses, North Highlands offers a broad spectrum of options for potential homeowners.

The community provides easy access to many of the region's attractions and amenities. This includes the former McClellan Air Force Base, now transformed into a unique business park and aviation museum. There are also numerous parks, such as Freedom Park, offering recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. North Highlands is served by the Twin Rivers Unified School District and houses a few reputable schools. However, North Highlands' diverse, urban-suburban mix means potential residents may experience variability in terms of aesthetics and neighborhood atmosphere. Despite this, its affordability compared to other neighborhoods in Sacramento and the availability of amenities makes it a notable consideration for prospective homeowners.